About Pickles 'N Season


To be honest, I was a person who never liked the taste of pickles and definitely would not allow the thought of a slimy okra to touch my plate.

 However, when I tasted Larry's Pickles and Okra I had to admit that they did not have the taste of a regular dill pickle or pickled okra.  My mouth experienced a burst of flavor with a sweet and spicy seasoning that I had never imagined could spark my taste buds to desire more. 


I finally found a pickle that I could eat as a finger food, snack and even allow them to garnish my salad or sandwich.  The pickle juice begs you to drink it, pour it over your salad, or even add it to your favorite recipe or gumbo.

I was so excited and wanted to share the various flavors wiothers. I then began to offer sample test tasting challenges to my co-workers, family and friends, and eventually friends of friends, all of whom wanted more than just a "taste"... they wanted to purchase their own containers/jars of pickles and okra!!!!


So, I decided to bring Larry's Seasoned Pickles to Memphis and launch PICKLES 'N SEASON for all the Pickle/Okra Lovers, including those like me who may not be fond of the traditional plain/sour pickle nor the "unseasoned" pickled okra sold in a jar!

Monica Wright
August 2020